One Ermine left to find….

Hurrah! Now I only have to find the father. Eeep.


Shopping Spree


So after being out of the game for 12 months I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree.

These are some of the things that have arrived lately. I was very happy to find a new Grand Hotel, it seems to be an unfortunate habit of mine to suddenly want things when they’re discontinued and out of stock everywhere.

Willowtree Gully doesn’t even have a nursery yet but I could not resist those little cuties! I can’t decide which nursery to get as none of them seem perfect. Hmmm.

I am very happy about the Ermine mother – now I’m only missing the babies and the father! Anyone selling?? :s

The exchange students I’ve wanted for a while, I think they are so cute. They’ll be attending Berry Grove School during their (indefinite) stay.

Unfortunately I underestimated the size of the gorgeous Grand Hotel so I’m not quite sure where I’ll be putting it yet…. minor problem….

The celebration chocolate family (not sure if they have a specific title?) is actually what sparked my love again – I think they are absolutely the bees knees. How gorgeous are their clothes?!?! Up close they are even more beautiful. Especially the mother’s! She has a beautiful lace high neck shirt, and a layered skirt. Just a joy to hold.


Poor Coco must be feeling somewhat outnumbered with 4 sisters but at least he hasn’t been cut from the family like so many brothers! Even Freya’s ubiquitous dress has had a lovely upgrade.

This family just seem like “old money” to me, so in Willowtree Gully they will be the traditional owners of the Grand Hotel building who have decided to convert it to a hotel.



Lionel Grande is a local celebrity in Willowtree Gully. He performs amazing piano concerts at the Theatre in town. The queue for tickets is around the block!


Lionel’s pride and joy is his big bushy mane. He loves going to the local lake to catch some sun (and show off his roarsome mane).


But… most of all… Lionel loves visiting his friend Antonio Patches at the Beauty Salon. His pride and joy requires a lot of attention to keep it looking its best!



The Cake Shop

Hi all,

I wanted to share my decorated and set up JP cake shop. This has to be one of my favourite buildings. It is just so charming. I have a complete in-box set but I’ve replaced and swapped a lot of accessories around, most significantly the cake in the window. I didn’t like the old version and I LOVE the new version (from the new release cake shop). My favourite addition is the kitchen utensil rack which luckily fits nicely where I imagined it would go.

There are still some things I want to do to it such as lace curtains and a lace tablecloth but if I waited til my projects were 100% finished I’d never post ANY photos haha. There’s always something more to do.

Welcome to the Willowtree Gully Cake Shop! It is run by the Keats family.

20180210 untitled 003

Best friends Nicole Maces and Rebecca Periwinkle love to save up their pocket money and come here for the amazing high tea. Rebecca is hoping to have her birthday party here this year; her mother and father have said she can if she does all her chores and works extra hard at her homework.

20180210 untitled 009

They love to sit on the front terrace where they can watch pastry chef Rosetti Keats make his amazing cakes and pastries. He’s always deeply absorbed in his work.

20180210 untitled 026

Rosetti keeps his kitchen spick and span. There are always several projects on the go at once, and he is forever trying out new techniques to achieve the glossiest glaze, the flakiest pastry, or the lightest meringue.

20180210 untitled 030

20180210 untitled 031


While her hubby is busy in the kitchen, Bronte Keats runs the shop. She loves keeping all the delicious cakes and pastries displayed beautifully, and always has friendly smile and a happy word for her customers. Her little girl really wants to be like Mummy one day, so Mummy made her a special matching outfit to wear when they’re at the shop. She is still a little too shy to talk to the customers.

20180210 untitled 019

Delia Doughty and her daughter Karen have dropped by to find a special cake for Gordon’s birthday. Before they go in they stop to admire the amazing tiered wedding cake in the window display. Karen can’t believe her eyes – it’s bigger than her!!

20180210 untitled 023

The shop is always chock full of amazing delicacies. Every shelf and counter is covered with the most amazing creations and the air is filled with all sorts of enticing aromas. There’s nothing like one of Bronte’s delicious freshly brewed coffee to go with a slice of cake.


20180210 untitled 041

Delia and Karen spend an enjoyable few minutes admiring all the items on display. In the end, of course, they decide on Gordon’s absolute favourite – Rosetti’s famous chocolate mud cake.

20180210 untitled 047

Karen can’t wait to see her Dad’s face when he opens the parcel!

20180210 untitled 059




Halloween Parade

Hi all!

I’m sharing another project here. 🙂 I have a real fondness for costumed critters and have accumulated a lot of them. I thought a fun way to display them might be to make one of my shelves into a Halloween street parade.

Here is the finished result (off the bookshelf -> it was almost impossible to get good photos once it was put in place on the bookshelf). A little lonesome ghost for scale  🙂


Here is it populated with my costumed critters to give you an idea of how the shelf looks now (although this was before I added the street lanterns and the spooky tree on the hill):


I made a mummy!


And some pumpkins. I used ashmimi’s great tutorial for this (although I found they crumbled if I tried to carve them AFTER baking so I carved them before baking):


Here are some terrible quality photos of it all set up on my shelf:

Cecil Maces is taking photos for the village newsletter and Roland Moss is interviewing some of the children about their costumes.


It’s a busy evening at the Halloween Parade!



Oakwood Manor and the Wildwoods

Hi all,

I finally finished wallpapering my beautiful Oakwood Manor and I wanted to share photos of how I’ve set it up. I haven’t yet finished the curtains but that will take me months or years to get to probably so I didn’t want to wait. In my village it is home to the Wildwood Family. This is not really a story, just a little peek into their lives. 🙂

NB: I know technically this is “House on the Hill” but I prefer the name Oakwood Manor. 😉

Let’s go and visit the Wildwood Family and see what they are up to on this fine spring morning. The Wildwoods have lived in Oakwood Manor for generations.

20170702 untitled 028

Herb Wildwood is taking advantage of the gorgeous day and having a working bee in the garden. Some of the other fathers in the village have come over to help him get his garden all spruced up and shipshape. They have a great time working together. The babies adore “helping” their daddies in the garden. Herbage Dappledawn can’t figure out why his count of the carrot harvest always seems to be wrong!

20170702 untitled 034

Rusty Wildwood isn’t so sure about the garden work. He has been “getting ready” in the bathroom for a while now!

20170702 untitled 077

Baby Juniper prefers just to play in the peace and quiet of the baby’s room, right at the top of the house. She can play for hours and hours with her toys, making up the most amazing adventures as she goes. Her absolute favourite is the train set, it belonged to her granddaddy when he was little!

20170702 untitled 043

Here is the rest of the attic room. It is full of soft snoring at night-time. The siblings love sharing a room.

20170702 untitled 044

In a quick break from gardening, Herb dashed up to the laundry room on the landing to press his handkerchief. “A man should always carry a freshly pressed handkerchief” he said to himself. Ginger thinks that Herb secretly enjoys the ironing.

20170702 untitled 047

This is the main bedroom that Herb and Ginger share, and is kept as neat as a pin. The wallpaper is Ginger’s favourite part of the whole room.

20170702 untitled 074

This morning grandmother Flora is chatting with her grand-daughters in the living/dining room and listening to the wireless. Holly loves a glass of fresh orange juice with her lunch.

20170702 untitled 058

Grandfather Smokey is in the study/music room. This is his favourite spot in the whole world. He writes his letters to the newspaper at the heirloom roll-top desk, listens to his favourite records on the gramophone, and sometimes (when nobody is watching) he likes to practice his putting. Sometimes Flora will join him and sing along when he plays on the piano. See here for their love story. 😉

20170702 untitled 054

Ginger Wildwood is busy in her cosy kitchen. She loves having people over (and especially loves a tidy garden!).

20170702 untitled 072

In the afternoon Ginger brings some of her famous home-made lemonade to the garden to say thankyou to the hard workers.

20170702 untitled 037




Thankyou for reading. 🙂 I think Oakwood Manor is my favourite building of all time. I absolutely love the master bedroom wallpaper – it seems so daggy-Brit. 🙂

These photos were actually REALLY technically difficult for me. It was very hard to get even lighting in the rooms without dark shadows being cast, and everything I wanted in focus. I could have really used a professional flash softbox! I was just about pulling my hair out but I got there in the end!


Organising The Chaos

Hi all,

I’ve had a lovely nerdy Sunday afternoon fiddling about with my collection. Most of my collection is on display (you can see photos of my bookshelves under the “My Collection (so far)” menu option above) but there certainly does accumulate a LOT of random bits and pieces that don’t really go anywhere right now.


The way I store all my extra bits and pieces has just evolved as it’s gotten bigger. I found these nifty containers at Bunnings, they come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Clear lids to see what’s inside…some have little internal dividers and they stack beautifully. Just perfect for the mildly OCD amongst us hehe.


I dusted off my old labeller this afternoon and labelled them all, top and sides.


On the lid of a divided container I can label the different sections.


And they all store neatly away inside a cupboard out of view, on a cheapo square bookshelf (also from Bunnings!). (I haven’t got around to properly labelling the fabric cubes yet – these contain my paints and glues and other crafty items).


I’d love to hear how you all manage the craziness of collecting? 🙂


A New Arrival

A special, rare character has come a long way to join life at Willowtree Gully. Stilton Bouquet!

Stilton appeared on the number 17 bus one day and took the whole village by surprise! He had heard tale of the friendly and charming village of Willowtree Gully and decided to make it his home.

Sylvanian JP Skunk Stilton
Stilton has a very friendly and laid-back nature and it didn’t take him long to make firm friends with all of the families in the gully. The only hesitant villager is Hatty Huckleberry, who reports that her over-developed sense of smell may be an issue….

For now he whiles his days away busking near the fish pond in the village square, but whispered rumours are that he wants to start up the legendary Forest Concert Band again.

Sylvanian Families JP Skunk Trombone


** Stilton is a rare early edition Japanese Skunk (with the white stripe down his tail). I really love him and I would looove to find the rest of Stilton’s family one day but I don’t like my chances of that so for now he’s a bachelor. You can see in this last photo the fishpond I made using AshMimi’s tutorial. Lots of fun and was my first time experimenting with resin! And my trombone which I was so happy to find too!


Upgrade Vegie Patch Mini-Project

***I am definitely not claiming credit for this one. I remember reading an article where someone did this and for the life of my I can’t remember who it was! If it was you or you know who please message me so I can credit them properly. ***

EDIT: I’ve found the original source of the idea (thanks to Suvenkorento): it was forum member Hgrbear and you can see her post here

When I finally got the vegie patch for Willowtree Gully I was a little disappointed… while the vegies themselves were great I felt the plasticky yellow “ground” let the set down. It didn’t even vaguely resemble soil. I remembered reading something where someone recoated their patch which gave me the idea to do this. Sorry to that person for not being able to credit them!

Original vegie patch:

First I covered the edging with sticky tape so the paint and glue wouldn’t get on to it. Then I painted it brown with a multi-surface paint (took a few coats with half an hour drying between, it wasn’t a perfect paint job but it didn’t matter).

Then I used a brush to apply PVA glue, being careful not to let it drip into the holes. Then I shook tealeaves from a teabag all over it and pressed it down. When this layer of glue was set I then brushed another layer of glue over the top to stop any bits flaking off. I’m much happier with the end result. :happy: 

I actually tried this first without painting it brown first and it looked TERRIBLE haha so I quickly washed the glue and tealeaves off before it set.

Thanks for looking. At the moment I’m liking quick little projects I can squeeze in to my life. I have big projects just waiting and no time to do them!!