A Surprise Visitor, Chapter One

Hi all,
This is my first story. I have such a new and small collection of Sylvanian Families that I haven’t yet done anything in the way of beautiful decorations and I don’t have many accessories. It’s very basic I’m afraid. But I’m learning – wallpaper shall soon come!

A Surprise Visitor

Chapter One

Mother Rabbit, Teri, was washing the dishes in the small kitchen of her new cottage in her new hometown of Mulberry Woods. She had moved in just recently with her daughter Freya, and had only some meagre belongings with her. She was eagerly waiting for her husband Frasier to join them with the rest of their furniture. He had unfortunately been held up in a postal strike.
Teri paused in her chores to gaze out the window. She sighed.
She had actually found the move very difficult. All the villagers were very friendly but it was so daunting starting again. She could never get everyone’s names right and was often worried she’d said the wrong thing.
Teri was startled from her thoughts by the arrival home from school of her daughter Freya. “Hi Mum!” Freya called cheerfully as she burst through their door and slung her backpack over the chair.
“Hello dear” smiled Teri, and headed to the fridge to find some afternoon tea for her daughter. “How was school”?
She handed Freya a juicy carrot.
“Oh it was fine,” said Freya as she munched hungrily into her snack.
“Really? That’s great,” said Teri. “Have you made some friends yet?” Teri was also worried about the effect of the move on her daughter. Freya could sometimes be quite shy.
“Ummm yeah,” said Freya. “… HEAPS!” She knew her mother worried a lot. In truth, Freya had been finding things difficult too. She was VERY shy, and had found it hard to fit in at school. The other kids had all grown up in the village and knew each other so well. And she missed her Dad too.
Teri and Freya were interrupted by some sudden loud knocking at the door.
“Oh dear, who could that be??” fretted Teri. “We’re not expecting anyone are we?” There had been so many friendly visits from the neighbours since they moved in that she had completely run out of tea!
Freya turned to look, and could see some spiky fuzz peeking up above the front door.
“What on earth?”, she wondered aloud. “Has someone dropped off a welcome basket of kiwi fruit??”
Teri opened the door and gave a little squeal! Standing there on her front step there was the most singular looking little hedgehog.
He had big brown eyes, a little snub nose, and a suitcase bigger than himself! He stood there blinking up at Teri, who was feeling awfully flustered about his sudden appearance.
Freya stared open mouthed whilst Teri stammered. “Ummm…. er…. would you like to come-” but
before she could finish, the little hedgehog bustled himself noisily into the house, dragging his large suitcase behind him. The suitcase was so large he managed to knock poor Freya off her chair!

The little hedgehog headed straight through the kitchen and up the ladder to the bedroom. Teri and Freya stared after him.

“Oh dear,” said Teri. “I think I’ll have to give Cousin Eleanor a call”.


To be continued……


4 thoughts on “A Surprise Visitor, Chapter One

  1. Wonderful little story! I really like the way you pose your critters, they look alive! The little hedgehog is adorable and I had a giggle with Freya’s fall! I am impressed, I definitely want to see more!


  2. Ahh, Piffle, I’m not a bloggy person yet I adore your blog. I have read backwards to this first post, as blogs dictate one must, and I have had a marvelous time. Everything is top notch. Thank you for an enjoyable morning.


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