A Quiet Night at Work

I’m having a very quiet night at work tonight so I’m trying to finally get this site into order. I must admit I’m finding it very confusing!! Nevertheless I shall plod on.

Extremely exciting, I just found these on eBay and snapped them up.


I have been looking for a complete Renard family for some time! There have been many different put-together families on ebay but this one looks like the real deal! I don’t actually like these vintage clothes (even though they are original) so I may carefully store some of these clothes when they arrive and swap for something I like more (sacrilege amongst many collectors I suspect)!

I still can’t believe I found them so complete and for such a reasonable price, so I won’t count my foxes until they arrive, so to speak. :p

I’ve received some really lovely items in the mail recently, I’ll try to add pics of my favourites. I have also done a fair bit of crafting with my collection in recent months so I hope to do some posts about these too. Thanks for looking!


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