The New Shop

This story was posted back in December on the forum. I’ve just moved it here too –

Hi guys, here’s a little story I just whipped up quickly this arvo with screaming children all around me (mine!). Nothing very involved but I was just celebrating my new family and shop I got for Christmas. :) I had intended to include my new Toymaker set too but had to simplify things as the children deteriorated (fellow parents will know what I mean – it’s the day after Christmas after all).

20161226 untitled 018.jpg

A new Toy Shop has opened in the village! It is run by Mr and Mrs Mulberry. Mrs Mulberry’s brother Edward makes all the toys for the shop in his workshop.

20161226 untitled 028.jpg

One day Andrew Woodbrook was passing by with his baby boy, Ethan. Mrs Woodbrook had sent them out for some bread from the bakery… she needed a moment’s peace and a lie down. Ethan pointed excitedly at the shop and said “Gah!!”. Andrew smiled and said “Okay boofhead, we’ll go inside and have a look, just for a minute”.

20161226 untitled 046.jpg

When they went inside they stared in amazement at all the beautiful toys laid out. There was even a play area for the littlies!

20161226 untitled 048.jpg

Ethan wriggled down and off he went! Andrew chuckled indulgently.

20161226 untitled 049.jpg

“Wheeeee!” Ethan was soon having a grand old time. Andrew thought perhaps picking up something small while they were there couldn’t hurt…

20161226 untitled 051.jpg

Andrew introduced himself to Mae Mulberry and welcomed her to the village. They had a very pleasant chat about the weather, and Mrs Mulberry promised to drop around for a cup of tea to meet Mrs Woodbrook one day soon.

20161226 untitled 058.jpg

“Okay Ethan, it’s time to go home”, said Andrew. Ethan finished scribbling on the chalk board and toddled over to his father.
Andrew looked about the toy store. Everything was just so darn cute…. Ethan had been a very good boy after all….

20161226 untitled 072.jpg

“Yaaaaaaay!!” squealed Ethan.
“Oh dear,” thought Andrew. “How on earth am I going to explain this to Aubrey??”


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