Making Up For Lost Time – A Valentine’s Story

This story was inspired by some absolutely beautiful Wildwood Rabbit Grandparents I bought, which were mint in box. I can only imagine how long these bunnies were waiting in the box. Bloem made a comment which inspired this story, which happily is very much in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The story is dedicated to my hubby, for he is my Smokey.

One beautiful spring morning in Willowtree Gully, something new was stirring. A gentle rustling sound came from within two mysterious boxes in the woods.


Inside one box Flora Wildwood was coming out of a deep, peaceful slumber.


She opened her eyes, blinked and stretched her arms. “Where am I?” she thought to herself.


She tried to look around but, strangely, everything was very blurry. Feeling gingerly around her, she came across a pair of spectacles, and tried them on. She could see clearly!


“How strange”, she thought. “I’ve never needed glasses before!”

Flora heard a familiar grunting and mumbling coming from somewhere nearby. She smiled, it was her husband Smokey.

“Smokey!” she called. “Where ARE you?? Where am I??”

“I’m coming dear!” came his gruff voice. “I’ll…. OOF…. be there in a … ouch… jiffy!”

After much grunting and muttering, the cover came off Flora’s box, and suddenly above her was a very familiar face indeed.


“Hello Flora” smiled Smokey.

“Eeeeeeek!” squealed Flora. “What’s happened to your face?! What’s going on? Help me out of this box!”

Smokey lent a gallant hand to help Flora out of the box.


They stared at each other.


“Smokey…. you’re….. you’re…. OLD!!!” gasped Flora in shock. “How long were we asleep for?”

“I’m sorry to tell you Flora… but you… umm,” started Smokey carefully. “Er… … perhaps you should look in this mirror”. And he held up a special gilt mirror. Flora peered fearfully into it and saw that she too had grown old.


“I think”, Smokey mused in his careful way, “that we must have been asleep for about 30 years”.

“30 YEARS??” gasped Flora. “Oh Smokey… all that wasted time. All those lost years.” She stroked his face and then started crying.


“There, there dear”, said Smokey and he patted Flora on the back. “Dry those tears. We’re here now. And from where I’m standing – it looks pretty fantastic”. And he winked at his wife as he passed her a tissue.


“Oh Smokey,” giggled Flora through her tears. “You were always a cheeky rascal”.

“Come on”, said Smokey. “Buck up. Let’s make the most of where we are. We have an awful lot of years to make up for. Let’s live every moment! What do you say, my love?”

“Why of course! I can’t think of anything more wonderful”, smiled Flora.


And they were very true to their plan. From then on, Flora and Smokey made the most of every day. They were always seeking out new adventures and making special memories together.

They loved taking picnics in the woods and at their favourite spot by the lake, under the shade of an apple tree. (Village rumours whispered it was here that Smokey proposed to Flora all those years ago).


They were always looking for fun and adventure! Flora and Smokey gave each other the courage to try new things, even when they were a bit scared to do so.

“Aieeeeeeeeee!” squealed Flora in delight as she finally had a go on the famous village swing. “I am flying as high as the tree tops!!”


Flora and Smokey taught each other all the special skills they could think of. It was lots of fun learning new things together.


Even when things often went a little wrong! “What are you chuckling about, my dear?” enquired Smokey.


They went EVERYWHERE together.


And on beautiful spring days they would always be seen out and about around Willowtree Gully.


When all the adventuring became a bit too much, Flora and Smokey never passed up the chance for a lovely nap. Napping was their second favourite past-time, after adventuring.


When they weren’t going on adventures, learning new things, or taking lovely naps, Flora and Smokey surrounded themselves with their loving family. Things could get very loud and busy when the grandchildren came around but they wouldn’t have it any other way! (This usually led to more napping).


Every Friday evening they would have dinner at their favourite restaurant on the village square and dance the night away under the starlight. The village legend is that one day they danced until dawn broke, and didn’t even seem to notice that the sun had risen and the musicians had fallen asleep.


So, in this vivacious and sprightly way, interspersed with the invaluable naps, Flora and Smokey more than made up for lost time. They lived a whole lifetime in each day, and never missed an opportunity to appreciate the beauty in the world.

And… of course… they lived happily ever after.


The End


6 thoughts on “Making Up For Lost Time – A Valentine’s Story

  1. Aww, such a lovely story! These are amazing photos you have taken, they look so inviting. Mind if I come and live in your village for a while? Mmm, that is sadly not possible but the Wildwood Grandparents will have a good time.


  2. What a sweet story… and what fabulous photography and sets and posing! Everything was just right. Well done! I definitely appreciated all your attention to detail (right down to the nice wallpapering job around the windows!)


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