Restored Post Office

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a project I finished not long ago. In December I bought a rather tired looking vintage post office. Structurally it was good but the posters, sign and awning were quite tatty and it was looking unloved. So I removed and scanned the posters, awning and sign and edited them on the computer to fix all the crease lines and torn corners. Then I had it printed at a professional printing service so the colours would be accurate.

Then I wallpapered and made lots of little bundles of letters and packages for Willowtree Gully’s busy post office. (I also painted the little wall shelf so it would roughly match the rest of the fitout). I didn’t think to take photos of the progress sadly, I will try to do this on future projects. I know I love seeing works in progress from other collectors.

I was setting it up and popped the nearest figure, Angus Buttercup, behind the counter to see how things looked and I immediately loved him there. I know Angus is not a traditional post office dweller but in our village he is definitely the postmaster! He loves his Post Office and is proud of how busy and efficient it is. Sam and Pete are the postmen who do the deliveries and they make a fab team. Their claim to fame is that they have never lost a single letter or missed a day of delivery!


Angus is a dedicated post-master. He loves his job.


There are lots of letters and packages to weigh, sort, and stamp. They’ve got to be sorted each day ready to go out for delivery! (Also can see the restored sign here).


Thanks for looking. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Restored Post Office

  1. You did a great job! It looks better then the original one. The wallpaper is lovely and all the little detailes you added too. Angus fits perfectly as the post office dweller. Your pictures are wonderful!


  2. Well done on the restoration. The signs do look lovely, nice, bright and LOVED! Angus will do a wonderful job at sorting the mail so that the postmas can deliver it. Great photos!


  3. You’ve not only restored, you’ve made significant improvements. When Smokey and Flora post romantic notes to surprise each other, they will arrive promptly! I am inspired to try to make some changes Greenbearshire’s post office and at least make some packages. Well done!


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