A Good Day For Deliveries!

Today was a good day for deliveries!! Just what I needed on a Monday. 😊❤️😍


I love this family (much more than I originally thought I did) but it is going to bother me no end that Dad has different hands to the rest of his family. This situation must be fixed! Hehe.


Looooove these two so much! I need to figure out how to fix the wonky sticker on the radio without breaking it. It bothers me.


Yaaaay! These grandparents are much bigger than I expected. I thought they’d be the same size as the timbertop grandparents but they’re much bigger! Can’t wait to unbox.


My Renard family turn out to be in absolutely immaculate condition. It’s like they’ve never seen the light of day!


An absolutely perfect, darling wildwood baby and a basket of toys (I only had a sad faded baby til now). Love.

Reading back I see how perfectionist I appear haha. Oh well. I can’t fight it

Til next time!


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