Miniature Exhibition

I had the nerdiest Saturday imaginable!

There was a “Dollhouse and Miniature Extravaganza” near my hometown so I went for a gander. It was lots of fun. I didn’t get any “big picture” photos of the venue, mainly because they were having trouble with the electricity and it was often in darkness!!

Most of the miniature work was very realistic and accurate, faithful to certain periods of history and architecture. I was surprised to realise how LITTLE I cared for these displays. They showed incredible craftmanship but just did not make me happy in the way the whimsical world of Sylvanians do.


Beautiful doll houses. Sadly not a Sylvanian in sight.


Amazing miniature displays. This one was only about one hand high from floor to ceiling.


Impressive craftsmanship. But very formal and no whimsy to be seen. I couldn’t even find a toadstool!


Lots of teeny tiny food!


These tiny hats were my absolute favourite. GORGEOUS. Sadly too small to scale well with Sylvanians otherwise every lady in my village would have very fine hats right now.

I ended up buying a few sheets of wallpaper, some rugs, a painting and a little set of garden tools, and some lovely little pot plants to use around my village.

And here is my re-dressed Renard Family (sorry to the purist collectors) with their gardening tools! I’m not sure yet about Mikaela’s dress…it needs to be a cool colour to match the rest of her family, but I don’t have any other spare dresses at the moment.


And lastly, here is the family that arrived in the mail today. I got them mint in box for an absolute BARGAIN price (I think it must have been accidentally listed at such a low price). Ever since Cutata did a few stories on Eustace and Victoria Truffle I have really loved them.


That’s all for now, cheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Miniature Exhibition

  1. Congratulations on your new Sylvanians!

    I agree with you on the non Sylvanian miniatures. They are beautiful, but they don’t convey the same feelings of happiness to me. It’s not something I would collect, though the craftsmanship is admirable. Of course, I do love it when other miniatures happen to be the right size to augment a Sylvanian project.


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