Customising New Display Shelves

So I have finally ran out of space!  My two bookcases are officially full and I have had an Oakwood Manor sitting on the floor for weeks. A very unsuitable situation as the baby kept attacking it and making off with furniture and animals!

Hubby very kindly agreed to a third IKEA bookcase (unfortunately they no longer make the same colour so it won’t match my first two bookcases; first world problems indeed).

But I had a problem… How to fit the really deep Oakwood Manor on to a relatively shallow shelf. All my other buildings so far have fit nicely, even Beechwood Hall (closed up) and Field View Mill (with the windmill part swung over the annex).

So I decided to make a “cut out” at the back of the bookshelf. This would allow Oakwood Manor to partially stick out the back of the bookcase into dead space between the bookcase and the wall, thus allowing the front to sit nicely back and allowing my plastic sheet to hang neatly over the front and prevent dust and baby attacks.


Here is the cutout which I measured for the back part of Oakwood Manor. It felt quite wrong to take a drill and knife to a brand new bookshelf! I covered the sawn edges with duct tape and painted it as it was a little crumbly and very ratty looking.

Next I covered the back of the opening with a garbage bag and sealed the edges with tape (as the whole point of the shelves is to keep dust out). The garbage bag would blend in nicely too.



And here it is with Oakwood Manor nicely nestled in place (at this point I should say I realise this is House on the Hill/Deluxe Village House but I strongly dislike both those names so it’s Oakwood Manor to me despite the green! Don’t look too closely at it, I’m not finished decorating by a mile). I am very happy that you can’t even see the cutout, as I’d hoped.


Today I hung the plastic tablecloth over the front but I don’t have a pic of that sorry. It’ll look like my other ones under the “My Collection” tab of my website.

Look at all that lovely empty space I just HAVE to fill. 😍😍😍

Thanks for looking, all comments make my day! 🙂



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