The Toymaker

Tucked away in the woods to the south of Willowtree Gully, there was a little cottage. It belonged to Edward Mulberry. Every morning Edward waited on his porch for his delivery of fresh milk. He always waved a cheery hello to Mr Webster the milkman. Edward was Mr Webster’s favourite customer, they always had a very friendly chat.

20170321 untitled 012

Edward’s one-room cottage was small and quiet, and just as he liked it. He was a raccoon who enjoyed the simpler things in life.

20170321 untitled 020

Every morning after his milk was delivered he would sit down to breakfast. Edward’s mother always told him it was the most important meal of the day and he’d never forgotten that! He’d often get deeply absorbed in the most recent edition of the DIY magazines he subscribed to, and would sometimes find that his tea had turned cold before he had a chance to drink it!

20170321 untitled 024

After breakfast he would wash at his washstand. This was an antique passed down from Great-Great-Grandpa Mulberry and Edward always took great care of it.

20170321 untitled 026

Then he would don his favourite green apron, ready to face the day.

20170321 untitled 028

Edward had always loved making things with his hands. He had a special talent for it. When he was little he could always be found busily making dolls for his sister Mae, for he was a very kind and caring brother. These days he was never happier than when at his workbench. He would spend hours there every day, putting the finishing touches on the special toys he made, and perfecting new techniques.

20170321 untitled 036

Edward didn’t particularly enjoy going out and about in the village (for he was rather a shy raccoon), but once a month he would gather his courage and set off to the toy shop his sister Mae now owned, laden down with his creations.

20170321 untitled 037

Mae was always very happy to see Edward, she loved her brother very much. And the toys he brought for her were always so beautiful! Other toy shop owners from far-away villages would travel to see their famous toys, and at Christmas time there’d often be a line around the block for the Mulberry Toy Shop.

20170321 untitled 043

Edward would always stop for a cup of tea whilst at the shop, and listen to his sister chat about her husband and children. Sometimes he had a strange feeling that they were being watched, but then he’d shake his head and tell himself to stop being fanciful.

20170321 untitled 046

Yes, Edward was a very happy raccoon indeed. He hummed a little tune to himself as he set off again for his cottage in the woods.

20170321 untitled 054

The End


Just a short, simple story today. I was originally just going to take some photos of the Toymaker’s Cottage which I have just finished but then things took on a life of their own!

The Toymaker was one of my first sets and still one of my favourites. It is so incredibly detailed, it really is a work of art! I always felt Edward deserved his own place, it felt very wrong having his gorgeous workbench just stuck in the middle of a shelf. So now he has his own place, I am very happy. 🙂

The Toymaker’s Cottage is my first real customisation. I fiddled around with the Post Office a little but this was my first “new” project. I am not confident enough yet to build something from scratch so I used the conservatory as the cottage. I had lots of fun doing the posters and curtains (even the pizza box… it is a bachelor pad after all!). I’m still learning.

Thankyou for reading.



13 thoughts on “The Toymaker

  1. I like your story! The Toymaker reminds me of Matthew Cuthbert of “Anne of Green Gables”. There seems to be a cliffhanger at the end-( he felt they were being watched) or am I wrong?
    The interior of his cottage is great, I love the posters.


  2. Wonderful story and pictures! You bring them to life! Great work with the toy maker cottage. And loved the scene with babies watching! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wonderful story! Amazing pictures as usual! Edward is an adorable character. He really deserves to have a place of his own. You turned this little cottage into a lovely home for him. So nicely decorated, so many lovely details!
    I also love where the cottage is set up, surrounded by trees and bushes. Beautiful!!


  4. What an adorable little story. I love the decorating you’ve done with the cottage all in blues, and the photo of the little ones watching around the corner is just lovely! I enjoyed seeing all your landscaping too.


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