DIY Brick Paving. 

For a long time I’ve wanted to follow AshMimi’s fantastic tutorial for foam brick paving but it’s only recently I’ve finally found the right type of foam for the job. I’ve attempted it several times before but the foam has been too hard or brittle or covered in paper I couldn’t get off. 😤 Aargh!!

I was delighted to find just the right type (and cheap) at our local Daiso store!

I started by marking 1cm lines across the foam then indented them with a little clay knife I had. Then I did 2cm long cross-marks to resemble bricks. This was a laborious process! I did it whilst watching The Walking dead but the squeaking noise kind of killed the zombie-scary mood. 😏

Next step I painted with the lighter colour (the colour I wanted for grout) and wiggled the brush around to try and get the paint deep into the crevices. It was a little tricky. Putting a decent volume of paint on worked well here.

After that dried I then wanted to put the darker brick colour on. This was the opposite situation – I did not want to get the paint down into the cracks. Trial and error taught me brushing the paint over with a paper towel was the best method. Dry brushing created too much linear texture.

Looks a bit blotchy but this was while it was still drying. When all was dry it was a bit more consistent colouring.

And here is the finished product in use!! I thought it’d be a good opportunity to also photograph my beloved Sylvanian Kitchen and the new owners, Ollie and Betsy Oakwood. They are absolutely darling. ❤️😍

20170422 untitled 001

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3 thoughts on “DIY Brick Paving. 

  1. This looks great! Looking at your photo, I never would have guessed those were foam bricks because the appearance is so realistic.


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