Tweaking the Ballet Theatre

I’m a very fussy person. 😉

I loved the idea of a village theatre for school plays and concerts and ballet but didn’t like how it was branded a “ballet theatre” as it felt like it really restricted options to me. So I scanned the label and photoshopped it to just say “Theatre”. (I would have preferred it to say “Village Theatre” or “Sylvanian Theatre” but that skill was beyond me).


Next – I feel it needs the red rug to add definition and style but I really didn’t like the cut outs, I thought they were very distracting.

I doubt I’ll ever use the spinning function so I scanned the rug and edited it to make it whole, then increased the size by 10% so it would cover the circle also.


That’s all. Just wanted to share my very fussy DIY tweaking hehehe.

Here are the files if anyone is interested in doing the same, they SHOULD be full resolution and at the right size, please let me know if you have problems.


ballet theatre rug

20170418 untitled 001


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