DIY Palm Trees

Here’s a mini tutorial for making palm trees. I’m making a diorama at the moment that I felt needed palm trees. I poached various ideas off the internet and mashed them together.

First I found some cheap fake plants that had leaves about the right shape and took the leaves off (a guide I found said palm fronds should be about as big as a person in the scale you’re using). I was making 2 palm trees with 7 fronds/leaves on each so needed 14 leaves.


Then I cut them into fronds. In one of the tutorials I watched, the miniaturist then cut each individual frond into tapered ends. I am waaaay too lazy for that and figure this is good enough! (This same miniaturist made and painted all his leaves so I am definitely not in the same league haha).


Then I glued the palm leaves on to green wire. (They are weighted down by cutlery here to dry).


The next step was a bit fiddly and hard on the fingers and I forgot to take halfway photos sorry! I wrapped the wires around each other one by one to form the trunk of the tree and position all the frond correctly, a couple higher than the rest. I bent each palm fronds down to form a natural curve. You can sort of see the wire twisted trunk in the below photo. I hope that makes sense.


Next I used spakfilla putty to coat the wires to make a better looking trunk, I did a couple of coats and let dry between.


Then I sanded down the spakfilla to make a smooth surface, painted it brown and then dry-brushed a lighter brown over the top. It ended up being quite a realistic looking trunk actually! Excuse the messy work desk haha. I had a few projects on the go at once.


Then I had some wooden beads I used as coconuts and hot glued them to the top of the trunk. My brothers (grown men mind you!) have made lewd comments about the nuts but I still think they look okay haha. Maybe a trifle large but then I’m not going for realism. The finished product below!


I can’t wait to install this on my finished diorama. Thanks for looking. 🙂

x Piffle


9 thoughts on “DIY Palm Trees

  1. Great tutorial, Piffle! They look like real palm trees in a mini size version. I was impressed at how well the trunk came out. I thought it was a real twig until I read your tutorial.


  2. Amazing Piffle! Such a talented person you are! Thank you for the tutorial, you make it look so easy. I am guessing that these palm trees will have a prized spot in your Island Playhouse scene!?


    • That’s so kind of you Emily, thankyou. 🙂 Yes I only ended up needing one but I’ll keep one for a future beach scene that lives in my head at the moment!


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