The Secret Grotto

A short bus ride away from the little town of Willowtree Gully lies an untamed coastline. From there, it is only a short trip in a little boat (for those who know the way) to… the Secret Grotto. Generations of village children have gone there to the special playhouse tucked near the waterfall. It has a magical feel there.

20170511 Sylvanian_Secret_Playhouse 002

I have finally finished my Secret Island Playhouse Diorama. I call it the Secret Grotto. 🙂

I started with this idea because I really liked the thought of my Sylvanians having some underwater play but I just couldn’t picture it with the included “underwater” area in the Secret Island Playhouse. This ->


My grownup imagination failed me here I guess.

Anyway here are some more photos of my Grotto. It’s actually quite tricky to get a photo of all of it properly! I am planning to add a step by step of how I made it, if anyone’s interested?

Some bits did not turn out just how I imagined but overall I’m pretty happy with it for my first ever diorama. I had soooo much fun making it.  I am really sad this project is finished! (not my poor hubby who has been dragged around hardware and art shops by a mad woman for the past few weeks!!)


20170511 Sylvanian_Secret_Playhouse 015


20170511 Sylvanian_Secret_Playhouse 023


20170511 Sylvanian_Secret_Playhouse 026


Thanks for looking! Comments are always greatly appreciated. 🙂

x Piffle


15 thoughts on “The Secret Grotto

  1. Absolutely amazing Piffle! Wonderful work and details, this should be exhibited at a Sylvanian toy Fair! The waterfall is fantastic, everything looks so professional!


  2. This is amazing! I am very interested in the details (even the additional details like materials and tools hunt and visiting the hardware and art shops are interesting). The water effects are great, I also like the mysterious chest and bottle on the bottom.


  3. AMAZING, Piffle! You did a great job! Epoch should get in contact with you! Your diorama is worth to appear in a Sylvanian magazine, catalogue or even better, as Sylvanako pointed out, in a Sylvanian Toy exhibition. Congrats! All the time and work involved (including visits to hardware and art shop) were totally worth it!

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