Unboxing Japanese Nursery Set

I have a thing for babies in costumes and when I saw this gorgeous Japanese nursery set I knew I had to have it! I’m not sure if it’s rare or discontinued but it seemed difficult to track down. It eventually came up on Japan Yahoo at a reasonable price and I thought I’d just share pics of the unboxing. 🙂

It is a very gorgeous set with all the essentials the babies need for their day at nursery (bags, shoes, hats, lunch) as well as some dress up costumes and musical instruments. 

All dressed up and ready to play. 🙂 Now Willowtree Gully just needs to build a nursery for the poor tykes to attend!! (I haven’t been able to decide which nursery I want for the village so I’m stuck in analysis paralysis at the moment). 



3 thoughts on “Unboxing Japanese Nursery Set

  1. This is a super cute set! I love the utensils with the bunny handles and the lunch boxes and the costumes…ok, I love the entire set. :). Thanks for the photos, I’ve never gotten a good look at these items before.


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