Upgrade Vegie Patch Mini-Project

***I am definitely not claiming credit for this one. I remember reading an article where someone did this and for the life of my I can’t remember who it was! If it was you or you know who please message me so I can credit them properly. ***

EDIT: I’ve found the original source of the idea (thanks to Suvenkorento): it was forum member Hgrbear and you can see her post here

When I finally got the vegie patch for Willowtree Gully I was a little disappointed… while the vegies themselves were great I felt the plasticky yellow “ground” let the set down. It didn’t even vaguely resemble soil. I remembered reading something where someone recoated their patch which gave me the idea to do this. Sorry to that person for not being able to credit them!

Original vegie patch:

First I covered the edging with sticky tape so the paint and glue wouldn’t get on to it. Then I painted it brown with a multi-surface paint (took a few coats with half an hour drying between, it wasn’t a perfect paint job but it didn’t matter).

Then I used a brush to apply PVA glue, being careful not to let it drip into the holes. Then I shook tealeaves from a teabag all over it and pressed it down. When this layer of glue was set I then brushed another layer of glue over the top to stop any bits flaking off. I’m much happier with the end result. :happy: 

I actually tried this first without painting it brown first and it looked TERRIBLE haha so I quickly washed the glue and tealeaves off before it set.

Thanks for looking. At the moment I’m liking quick little projects I can squeeze in to my life. I have big projects just waiting and no time to do them!!



3 thoughts on “Upgrade Vegie Patch Mini-Project

  1. Looking good Piffle! The veggie patch looks much better this way. Teabag tealeaves make very good soil when painted, I used some to give a dirt like look to a carrot bed which I made a few months ago and now use to put my fake plants in. I got the idea form Ashmimi, she is so talented! Love the last photo…

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  2. This is such an improvement:) May I ask what kind of paint that is? It is just acrylic? I have been thinking about trying to re-paint some furniture sets to get variety…


    • I just checked Rose, it is acrylic yes but it’s called “multi-surface acrylic” so it sticks to the plastic a little better. It’s certainly not really well attached though and would scrape off with a hard scratch from a fingernail I reckon. I have seen more professional alterations use special modelling spraypaints designed for plastic modelling surfaces as a base first. I have used the same brown “multi-surface acrylic paint” to recoat a bookshelf and it took HEAPS of coats (over 10) before coverage was decent, so if I was trying it again I might try and source some of that special undercoat first….


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