Organising The Chaos

Hi all,

I’ve had a lovely nerdy Sunday afternoon fiddling about with my collection. Most of my collection is on display (you can see photos of my bookshelves under the “My Collection (so far)” menu option above) but there certainly does accumulate a LOT of random bits and pieces that don’t really go anywhere right now.


The way I store all my extra bits and pieces has just evolved as it’s gotten bigger. I found these nifty containers at Bunnings, they come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Clear lids to see what’s inside…some have little internal dividers and they stack beautifully. Just perfect for the mildly OCD amongst us hehe.


I dusted off my old labeller this afternoon and labelled them all, top and sides.


On the lid of a divided container I can label the different sections.


And they all store neatly away inside a cupboard out of view, on a cheapo square bookshelf (also from Bunnings!). (I haven’t got around to properly labelling the fabric cubes yet – these contain my paints and glues and other crafty items).


I’d love to hear how you all manage the craziness of collecting? 🙂



3 thoughts on “Organising The Chaos

  1. You are so organized and tidy, Piffle! Everything looks so neat! You did a good job!
    I love it !
    My problem is the lack of place. I´d love to have some shelves like yours.


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