Oakwood Manor and the Wildwoods

Hi all,

I finally finished wallpapering my beautiful Oakwood Manor and I wanted to share photos of how I’ve set it up. I haven’t yet finished the curtains but that will take me months or years to get to probably so I didn’t want to wait. In my village it is home to the Wildwood Family. This is not really a story, just a little peek into their lives. 🙂

NB: I know technically this is “House on the Hill” but I prefer the name Oakwood Manor. 😉

Let’s go and visit the Wildwood Family and see what they are up to on this fine spring morning. The Wildwoods have lived in Oakwood Manor for generations.

20170702 untitled 028

Herb Wildwood is taking advantage of the gorgeous day and having a working bee in the garden. Some of the other fathers in the village have come over to help him get his garden all spruced up and shipshape. They have a great time working together. The babies adore “helping” their daddies in the garden. Herbage Dappledawn can’t figure out why his count of the carrot harvest always seems to be wrong!

20170702 untitled 034

Rusty Wildwood isn’t so sure about the garden work. He has been “getting ready” in the bathroom for a while now!

20170702 untitled 077

Baby Juniper prefers just to play in the peace and quiet of the baby’s room, right at the top of the house. She can play for hours and hours with her toys, making up the most amazing adventures as she goes. Her absolute favourite is the train set, it belonged to her granddaddy when he was little!

20170702 untitled 043

Here is the rest of the attic room. It is full of soft snoring at night-time. The siblings love sharing a room.

20170702 untitled 044

In a quick break from gardening, Herb dashed up to the laundry room on the landing to press his handkerchief. “A man should always carry a freshly pressed handkerchief” he said to himself. Ginger thinks that Herb secretly enjoys the ironing.

20170702 untitled 047

This is the main bedroom that Herb and Ginger share, and is kept as neat as a pin. The wallpaper is Ginger’s favourite part of the whole room.

20170702 untitled 074

This morning grandmother Flora is chatting with her grand-daughters in the living/dining room and listening to the wireless. Holly loves a glass of fresh orange juice with her lunch.

20170702 untitled 058

Grandfather Smokey is in the study/music room. This is his favourite spot in the whole world. He writes his letters to the newspaper at the heirloom roll-top desk, listens to his favourite records on the gramophone, and sometimes (when nobody is watching) he likes to practice his putting. Sometimes Flora will join him and sing along when he plays on the piano. See here for their love story. 😉

20170702 untitled 054

Ginger Wildwood is busy in her cosy kitchen. She loves having people over (and especially loves a tidy garden!).

20170702 untitled 072

In the afternoon Ginger brings some of her famous home-made lemonade to the garden to say thankyou to the hard workers.

20170702 untitled 037




Thankyou for reading. 🙂 I think Oakwood Manor is my favourite building of all time. I absolutely love the master bedroom wallpaper – it seems so daggy-Brit. 🙂

These photos were actually REALLY technically difficult for me. It was very hard to get even lighting in the rooms without dark shadows being cast, and everything I wanted in focus. I could have really used a professional flash softbox! I was just about pulling my hair out but I got there in the end!



8 thoughts on “Oakwood Manor and the Wildwoods

  1. It looks amazing ! love the character of the whole house ! Im just a bit confused as why there is only 1 child bed, it might be me being dumb I suppose ! I love baby juniper the best, she is adorable 🙂


  2. This is all so lovely! Nicely done on the wallpaper and interior design. The idea of the house being home to generations of Wildwoods is very sweet. I’m especially happy to see Smokey and Flora!


  3. I would love to live there, it would be my dream house! The photos are beautiful! Piffle, you have convinced me to buy the Wildwoods now. And the Dappledawns. I was going to wait a bit until Christmas but…


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