Halloween Parade

Hi all!

I’m sharing another project here. 🙂 I have a real fondness for costumed critters and have accumulated a lot of them. I thought a fun way to display them might be to make one of my shelves into a Halloween street parade.

Here is the finished result (off the bookshelf -> it was almost impossible to get good photos once it was put in place on the bookshelf). A little lonesome ghost for scale  🙂


Here is it populated with my costumed critters to give you an idea of how the shelf looks now (although this was before I added the street lanterns and the spooky tree on the hill):


I made a mummy!


And some pumpkins. I used ashmimi’s great tutorial for this (although I found they crumbled if I tried to carve them AFTER baking so I carved them before baking):


Here are some terrible quality photos of it all set up on my shelf:

Cecil Maces is taking photos for the village newsletter and Roland Moss is interviewing some of the children about their costumes.


It’s a busy evening at the Halloween Parade!




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