The Cake Shop

Hi all,

I wanted to share my decorated and set up JP cake shop. This has to be one of my favourite buildings. It is just so charming. I have a complete in-box set but I’ve replaced and swapped a lot of accessories around, most significantly the cake in the window. I didn’t like the old version and I LOVE the new version (from the new release cake shop). My favourite addition is the kitchen utensil rack which luckily fits nicely where I imagined it would go.

There are still some things I want to do to it such as lace curtains and a lace tablecloth but if I waited til my projects were 100% finished I’d never post ANY photos haha. There’s always something more to do.

Welcome to the Willowtree Gully Cake Shop! It is run by the Keats family.

20180210 untitled 003

Best friends Nicole Maces and Rebecca Periwinkle love to save up their pocket money and come here for the amazing high tea. Rebecca is hoping to have her birthday party here this year; her mother and father have said she can if she does all her chores and works extra hard at her homework.

20180210 untitled 009

They love to sit on the front terrace where they can watch pastry chef Rosetti Keats make his amazing cakes and pastries. He’s always deeply absorbed in his work.

20180210 untitled 026

Rosetti keeps his kitchen spick and span. There are always several projects on the go at once, and he is forever trying out new techniques to achieve the glossiest glaze, the flakiest pastry, or the lightest meringue.

20180210 untitled 030

20180210 untitled 031


While her hubby is busy in the kitchen, Bronte Keats runs the shop. She loves keeping all the delicious cakes and pastries displayed beautifully, and always has friendly smile and a happy word for her customers. Her little girl really wants to be like Mummy one day, so Mummy made her a special matching outfit to wear when they’re at the shop. She is still a little too shy to talk to the customers.

20180210 untitled 019

Delia Doughty and her daughter Karen have dropped by to find a special cake for Gordon’s birthday. Before they go in they stop to admire the amazing tiered wedding cake in the window display. Karen can’t believe her eyes – it’s bigger than her!!

20180210 untitled 023

The shop is always chock full of amazing delicacies. Every shelf and counter is covered with the most amazing creations and the air is filled with all sorts of enticing aromas. There’s nothing like one of Bronte’s delicious freshly brewed coffee to go with a slice of cake.


20180210 untitled 041

Delia and Karen spend an enjoyable few minutes admiring all the items on display. In the end, of course, they decide on Gordon’s absolute favourite – Rosetti’s famous chocolate mud cake.

20180210 untitled 047

Karen can’t wait to see her Dad’s face when he opens the parcel!

20180210 untitled 059





5 thoughts on “The Cake Shop

    • Hi Kimberley! Thanks. 🙂 No she was a limited edition baby released in Japan. I don’t know much specific about her. I don’t have that kind of skill with sewing, I can’t even sew on a button hehe.


  1. You have done an amazing job, I love all the little details you have added that make this beautiful shop even better! I also love your photos, they are wonderfully set up! The one with the little one hiding behind her mom is very cute!


  2. Oh Piffle!! I love it! I’ve always liked the look of this building as it seems to offer several photo settings. You’ve done the design justice with your decorating and your lovely photos. It’s great how you’ve combined lots of sets to get exactly what you wanted. It’s just lovely!


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