My Collection (so far)

I hope to add photos and lists of my collection here. But for now here’s a simple phone camera snap of most of my collection (so far)! Some items are not displayed. Even looking at this photo makes me so happy haha. If I had no job or young kids to look after I’d love to set up each shelf with backdrop and scenery… maybe when I retire in a few decades. 😆

June 2017


My current wish list (ever evolving!):

– Moss Grandmother

– Forest Concert Set


– Tram

– 2-3 new town streetlights

– log cabin

– campervan

– Dressmaker



3 thoughts on “My Collection (so far)

    • Yes!! I only bought the third bookshelf about a month ago! It’s terrible! I’m fantasising about getting bespoke fitted cabinets floor to ceiling put in by a cabinet maker haha. Where’s that lottery ticket??

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  1. Lovely, Piffle! I ´d love to have a place like yours to display my collecion.I´ve spotted your homemade bus shelter. !How cute!


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