My Collection (so far)

I hope to add photos and lists of my collection here. But for now here’s a simple phone camera snap of most of my collection (so far)! Some items are not displayed. Even looking at this photo makes me so happy haha. If I had no job or young kids to look after I’d love to set up each shelf with backdrop and scenery… maybe when I retire in a few decades. 😆

June 2017


My current wish list (ever evolving!):

– Moss Grandmother

– Forest Concert Set


– Tram

– 2-3 new town streetlights

– log cabin

– campervan

– Dressmaker




5 thoughts on “My Collection (so far)

    • Yes!! I only bought the third bookshelf about a month ago! It’s terrible! I’m fantasising about getting bespoke fitted cabinets floor to ceiling put in by a cabinet maker haha. Where’s that lottery ticket??

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  1. Lovely, Piffle! I ´d love to have a place like yours to display my collecion.I´ve spotted your homemade bus shelter. !How cute!


  2. Just wondering, when you take pictures for a story, do you take out the things you need from the cabinets and set up somewhere else or do you take the pictures in the cabinet and photoshop in the sky and so on? 😊If you don’t mind 😄


    • Hiya! I take all the bits and pieces I need out and set them up elsewhere. I usually set up on the floor up against a wall where I can tack up the background. 🙂 The problem sometimes can be tracking down all the various items I need within my shelves. I was trying to find Coco Chocolate recently for a particular scene and I just can’t find him for the life of me!! Cheeky bunny.


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